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  1. O_O Omg If you do please put up a picture! I havent seen mine in many years! Ours our probably in the attic too, along with years of broken toys and tacky xmas lights lol
  2. I had the collector coins. . Actually I'm pretty sure I still have them in my loft somewhere. In fact I'm sure I had two. One was a single card, like a poster and the other opened like a book. I'll have to see if I can dig them out.
  3. Haha! I never knew before. That's pretty cool. Do you remember, they used to bring out a coin collection thing that you popped the coins into a sheet of card marked for each one. i remember collecting all of those xD

    I feel old xD
  4. Not seen the new TMNT.

    Was a huge fan of the original, was hilarious how they called it Hero Turtles over here as Ninja had 'violent connotations'
  5. Night Mr Barret! Have a good night.

    Tonight i saw the re make of the TMNT show. It wasnt that bad actually. The original was a huge fav of mine!
  6. See, there are always others out there to make you feel younger.

    Thundercats was a personal favourite, along with Centurions and Visionaries.

    Anywho, I'm gonna have to get some shut eye, up early for work in the am. Catch you later.
  7. LOL! Yay oldies together. Dameduse is older in the head than all of us xD

    i used to love trap door, thunder cats, hee man! >_> xD
  8. Ha. Brilliant, Magic Roundabout.

    We can both feel old then.
  9. I do i do! And secret squirrel also xD >_> ok now i feel old lol Lets not mention the magic round
  10. That's not too bad. Not when you remember first runs of Trap Door, Count Duckula and early Dangermouse.
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