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  1. Aww you were a good kid then. From what i heard, i was ok. I played mostly with Turtles action figures, lego and my not the momma dinosaur from the tv series. But my older brother used to bury stuff in the back yard. Half of horny train engines and pieces of expensive track o.o

    LOL :P

    Tim burton toys, Like the nightmare before christmas and his short story inspired toys, like from the adventures of oyster boy ect
  2. Depends what the toys were, I played with them but carefully.

    Ha, double entendres FTW!

    Tim Burton toys, not sure I've seen many of those? I suppose I've not really looked for them so...
  3. Oh no no i played with my toys, I was a player >_> seems strange to write that xDD

    Im a good girl honest. I only nibbled his head...wasnt that big of a deal..I thought he took it way out of proportion >_>

    haha! I did. I cant remember if i got it for my birthday or christmas but I can clearly remember eating my christmas dinner in Michelangelo's lap.

    O.O Oh god I just saw how that could be taken lol xD oh well. I actually collect tim burton toys, they are all boxed and mint
  4. Tried to eat an Ewok! Ha.

    They sold them in Argos if I remember right. Christmas dinner? You should always get good use from toys. Unless you're a bit anal retentive like me and keep them boxed.
  5. My brother does too! I always loved it so much, but he was an arse and would never let me play with it. Dont think it helped that i tried to eat an ewok >_> I was only 3 years old!

    You dont know how happy that makes me, when i talk about those tables and chairs people think im mental or remember things wrong but i REMEMBER it! loved it! Think I ate my christmas dinner on it <_< lol
  6. I was always one for keeping toys pristine.

    I remember that table and chair set. Not got round to catching it, to be honest I don't watch much tv these days.

    I still have a few Star Wars too, haven't got the Falcon but I have an AT-AT.
  7. That's mental! I cant believe you have ghost busters toys in tact. I used to collect the turtles coins, but for my 6th birthday I had the best present ever. A Table and four chairs, each chair was in the shape of the turtles! Mask's and all. Have you seen the new series on nicktoons? Not sure If i asked that before. My brothers still got a few original star wars figures and ships in the attic but he wont sell them. The millennium falcon is still in tact
  8. That's what I've seen them up for on the net.

    Think I might dig out a few other childhood odds and sods, I have original Ghostbusters figures somewhere, including Ecto 1.
  9. O_O Are you kidding me! Im'ma look for mine now too!
  10. I will put up pictures.

    Definitely going to look, especially now I've found out they're worth about 40 quid each.
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