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  1. Hi, Its been a long time since Ive logged in. My daughter is fine now thank you. How are you?
  2. Hope your daughter's feeling better and you had a better weekend this time.
  3. Mine was ok thanks, My littlest daughter has been sick so its been an indoor kinda weekend xD
  4. It's alright.

    Weekend hasn't been too bad, mostly relaxing and a bit of work related nonsense but not too much.

    Hope yours was good.
  5. Hey wade; Not sure if i replied to your message or not. Hope your weekend has been alright
  6. About 20 minutes of wading through junk.

    Keep searching, they may turn up.
  7. WAHHHHHH!!!!! i cant find mine!

    Im so glad you found yours though! I can't wait to see the pics! Did they take long to find?
  8. I've found my TMHT coin collections!

    Just need to clean them up and I'll take the pictures and post them.
  9. haha! I think my brother and I would like to see that at their old house too! Imagine how much money in scrap alone you could get lol

    No problem
  10. I used to do that with toy cars and soldiers. I'd love to be there when the dig up my garden where I grew up, more soldiers than the Chinese army and enough metal to make a full size car.

    I'll scope that link later, thanks.
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