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  1. His intro thread said he needed a new forum... Then he posted a few more times here, he probably realised how shit that site is
  2. Really #bitw is on PWS? That place is suited to him, if he told them he's from here they probably made him a mod.
  3. Saberz likes trolling people who dont have lots of posts.. #BiTw is busy on pws lol..
  4. There are loads of candidates who'll bite, Saber Tooth Tigerz or #bitw are good bets.
  5. Nope... Dude seems nice. Gotta New name on my friendlist though... Have to wait until someone like Peter kaymac gets on...
  6. Ha! I'm sure you'll get your reaction soon enough.
  7. I still want a damn reaction... The wwe section can't possibly see my logic...
  8. That was for the thread in general, you beat me to the first post.
  9. Popcorn... I want a reply... I practically insulted punk
  10. Is it time for the barrage to begin?
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