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  1. Also done that
  2. sign up and I'll let you see my masterpiece
  3. Already done it bro
  4. go to HQ please
  5. I can see how you wouldn't be able to come on here with that.

    Wow. 60 hours?! That's crazy.
  6. It's more like training then college, but I am at college 8 hours a day. It's about an hour and a half drive. So 60 hours a week all together.
  7. How much do you work at college then bro?

    Uni over here, I have 12 hours a week in lectures, so I can still come on here daily, as well as keep up with uni work, a social life, the gym and still have time on my hands- but I know somebody who went to Ohio on an exchange kinda thing and he had to do 30 hours a week in lectures.
  8. I am enjoying him, and I miss this place a lot.
  9. Haha, you enjoying Juarez then bro?

    And cheers man! We miss you around the place!
  10. Eddie Juarez!

    Also, nice sig bro
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