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  1. Thanks mate. Last time it just stopped being fun, but I'm really limiting myself this time (one character, was meant to be 1 fed but I've ended up in three). I don't want to get burnt out like I was last time
  2. Great to see you back fedding boss *well, maybe not boss anymore, but I'm still going to call you that*.

    And congrats on your IWA Insane Asylum win! Time for Rage to win a world title!
  3. Check HQ when possible. If we're going out on a bang, we'd preferably like you to join us.
  4. Check HQ soon please Boss
  5. Done Boss.
  6. Oi, Benno, answer me question in the Batcave
  7. I just noticed you're not a member of WC or WNE!

    Any interest in either (I know Giddy wants you in WC)?
  8. Explained Broc situation in HQ.

    Like it matters, because you're viewing the thread
  9. Have you got NA's promo to VHX yet?
  10. Did it fool!

    I suggested an idea around our problem
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