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  1. Busy as hell with College.
  2. Im good thanks. Long time no speak. How's you?
  3. How is it going man?
  4. Could you send me the stuff I need to do for Dynasty please, Ive got Broc to delay it for us

    We really need to be more organised lol, like we were when we started this feud
  5. Can you get back to my PM dude?
  6. Sounds like a plan
  7. I forgot to tell you in message, I'm going to bed, got big plans tomorrow. I'll be back on sometime tomorrow or something. Let's plan it step by step this week. Let's make it pure gold all the way to Victory Point.
  8. Yep, it's going good
  9. Hope everything is gong well with you bro.
  10. Yeah I did bro.
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