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  1. I'm going out on limb and saying that this is the best PPV in HWA history, and maybe even eWN history. Hope you enjoy it.

    Oh, and lol, I just realized I'm using the 808 account right now.
  2. I will, but first I need to read the 7ish HWA shows that preceed it, I'm really behind. I read roughly one show a day, but I got behind and now I've got a copule of EWA shows, a JBW show and around 7 HWA shows. I'll get around to it eventually though
  3. Lol, that really doesn't matter that much. Be sure to read that whole mother fucker, it's a real big one. I still need to add on the main event, but other than that it's up in entirety
  4. Seems not I'd totally forgot and was updating the rOH prediction contest before I noticed the notification and by that point my match had already been posted. Ah well, shits happen
  5. You came right in time bro, I'm about to start posting the show.
  6. alright let me know if you don't know how to put any of the matches
  7. No, don't worry, I got it. Should be done by Tuesday latest
  8. hey rob if you want I can just do the results
  9. Sure, I'll have it done ASAP... Just an off chance, but is there any way you could hold the PPV till like Sunday morning, gives people more chance to sign up... Probably not though, don't worry if you can't
  10. you think you could do a prediction contest for the Scramble?
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