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  1. That's cool, bud. Sorry about the confusion today.
  2. Typical, just as I'm about to send my promo my internet fucks up...

    I'm sending this from my phone, I'll try sending it tommorow
  3. Awesome....
  4. Mega promo incoming
  5. Hahahaha! Everybody does that. Poor guy is probably super confused when he checks his PMs.
  6. Ah, god damn it I sent it to jman rather than thejman93. I'll just go resend it to the right person this time

    Good job I checked
  7. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm..........

    What PM? You sure you sent it?
  8. *cough*Justincaseyou'dforgottenaboutmypm,althoughy ouprobablyhad'ntyou'rejustbusy*cough*

    Damn, what a weird cough
  9. No problem, dudesy. Let me know when you're done with EWA so you can start helping me out.

    Wish me luck.
  10. To be quite honest I'm still working on the EWA archiving, it's taking longer than expected.
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