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  1. What do you think of the EWA house shows idea I post in the Batcave? And Destructions idea too?
  2. in the batcave are 'sicks/HOS/ and I believe TOAK promos for Fury- along with Blakes/Vegas two promos
  3. another signup- on the roster page
  4. to the batcave when you come back from holidays- we got quite a few new members to the EWA roster when you were gone- I posted them back in HQ
  5. Pau is back in EWNCW land
  6. Yep, resent them to your pm box- its also on the ewa site along with panzers, muirs, hanz promos. You just have to add Richards stuff to it
  7. Have you sent me the Fuegos Artificiales promo, I can't find it
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