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  1. AirBourne's mother passed away so he will be taking a break- he posted it in the EWA thread
  2. Since it takes awhile colouring, I am gonna start posting PAIN up the the point where your bits come in- at the end.
  3. Finished posting Fury for ya Roba
  4. That's horrible Thanks for letting me know
  5. Pau's cuz posted this in the WWE Fantasy Fed thread. His Grandfather passed away.

    Quote Originally Posted by sxe_savior View Post
    Well they left immediately after they heard the news so I'm sure he didn't have time to say anything, thought he would say something though.
    Well I think he'll be gone for a month since his grandpa lived around 2 hours away from Guadalajara and his parents and him will want to start looking for a house over there
  6. ewa roster thread- Vans posted his tag team- also another tag team signed up, as has another singles wrestler
  7. HQ when possible
  8. I posted the rest of the show- I just need to fix the font thing in a few post tomorrow. I kept having problems posting those parts of the show- somehow the font got smaller. I did as I always do- oh well.
  9. actually I just posted the one page before I need to get back to studying
  10. Welcome back, Also new characters/wrestlers in the roster thread- the last two pages- I also wrote up 2 of the matches I know I am in charge of for UK(I got bored/had free time
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