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  1. Read my last ever post in the JBW thread.

    I was glad to hear that you'd come back but... well, lol, you'll not be working with me I'm afraid.

    Thanks for the welcome back either way. Nice to see you've got over your EFed blues, cause you're one of the best out there, bruv
  2. Glad to see you back Kash

    Has J told you about my situation?
  3. All of them

    Whatever order you feel would suit best.

    Feel free to ask for any Jabester in return.
  4. Which one of the three?
  5. Thanks bruva!!

    Also, those guys we discussed..

    I need you to work as my "agent" for that one and secure a fella some contracts (if ya get me?)
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about that, my bad

    I'll do it now
  7. Morning, Roba.

    You gonna do a Rob Rage bio for me?
  8. You better be *evil eyes*
  9. It's clear: sorry
  10. Oi, you. i just typed out a long reply and then found out your inbox is full. It's now saved in word, so you may need to remind me to send it to you when you've cleared your inbox
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