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  1. In at work and we are REALLY busy so I'll try my best but can't promise anything
  2. If possible could you get the segment done now, I've finished everything else now so it's all the shows waiting on

    Thanks in advance
  3. Luckily they were relatively short
  4. Nooooo! That's horrible!
  5. Great

    No need to rush it, I just lost about four segments by not saving so I'll have to rewrite them
  6. Yea Ill send it soon
  7. I still don't have your promo

    Can you get it to me asap
  8. Okay, I'll come up with the outline and you can just add in your bits
  9. Gah alright I'll be on my lunch break soon i'll whip something up
  10. We need to get started on our joint promo, it's in for tommorow :S
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