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  1. Your inbox is full so:

    I've got a fair amount for my two world title fueders for this Fury. It's going to be sem-cross PPV, dragging in Johnny Hot and Rob Rage as the tag team partners (muhahaha, capitalising on HWA's storylines )

    Here's what I need from the five of us

    - Archangel in ring promo talking about his title shot at CatC to kick off the show
    - Kidd comes out and responds
    - Back and forth between the two
    - CJ comes out and says that both men will compete against each other tonight in a tag match. They need to pick their tag partners right now
    - Michael picks Rage, who comes out and cuts a promo and says that Kidd doesn't have any friends so it'll be a handicap match
    - Alex Kidd picks Johnny Hot and he comes to the ring and cuts a promo
    - CJ announces the tag match is up... NOW!

    So this'll be one that we need to pass around. I look forward to seeing the results
  2. Alright give me sometime to look for it
  3. I can't seem to find Michael the Archangel's promo for Fury, can you please send it again. It was the one regarding the triple threat main event
  4. If you can send one tonight thats fine but if not early tomorrow morning please
  5. Any chance I can send you my promo tommorow morning? Otherwise its going to have to be a five minte wonder from my phone
  6. I don't remember....give me a few minutes
  7. I may be being a complete jackass, but have you sent me your promo yet? I can't seem to find it...
  8. No problem dude I took a bathroom break then my nose bled so I wrote the promo while cleaning myself up lol
  9. Thanks for getting it to me even when you're busy
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