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  1. Blank PM man.
  2. Thanks for the promo man, good stuff.
    any idea when your brother might be on next?
  3. wasnt important mate
  4. That last PM was blank dude lol!
  5. I have?! Damn! I don't remember lol!
    Ok, cool, I'll await further instructions then!
  6. you have already sent me a promo for the first week, ill let you know what i need on the second show once ive written it up
  7. Dude, you have to write back on my profile, otherwise I don't get the notification lol!
    But thanks for that.

    On another subject, when is the 7 Wonders for March taking place, and what do I need to do for it?
  8. Hey man. I'm doing some major updating in our EWNCW creative hub and I just need some info on the Jaws of Men.
    Basically, I just need to know where you'd like them to be billed from.
  9. No worries, thanks for the quick reply!
  10. I sent you a PM on Thursday. It's in my sent mail here, so you must have got it.
    I'll re-send now.
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