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  1. i am 100% committed to your show as seen on several posts and the vast majority like my character so just wondering whats going on old g scorp is getting rusty lmao
  2. i would like to know how this whole thing works like how do i view the shows on the net and do i have to do anything with my character or do the writers of the show do all that and what days are your shows on thanks
  3. Great work. Your character sounds like he would fit right in with the other guys. Just one question though, do you want to join EWNCW or mine and WWTNA's fed JBW? I ask because you sent me the visitor message, but I really couldn't help you if you wanted to join EWNCW, as it would indicate in the "Future Veteran" thread.

    However I would love to have you on JBW, and we're always looking for unique characters like yours to put on our shows. I hope to hear from you soon either way. Cheers!
  4. Hello i am writing to let you know about my posted chara ter g-scorp.
    There is a bio under be the booker forum post named future veteren.
    Also my music would be puff daddy and jimmy page come with me
    and i would like to be a face at first only to turn on my allies as they didn't
    back me up in a title match and cause havoc
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