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  1. It's been relatively easy, save for having to deal with a couple of assholes.
  2. I see someone banned him already so he won't be interviewing anyone anymore. How's the mod life treating you? I bet it's tough.
  3. Yeah, what's up with that shit? Who randomly conducts interviews with people they don't know?
  4. Hi. Got some dumbass sending me a stupid question, apparently he's done the same to you. Just wanted to point that out. By the way, congrats on being part of the Mod squad.
  5. Sorry to hear that man. My brother is line to be shipped to Afgan, so this shit really gets me edgy. You shouldn't refrain from voicing your opinion although I can understand that having this conversation with some people just isn't possible. Imagine being Puerto Rican. People bash you even more for being a "foreigner" criticizing them without know I was born and raised in the Bronx. I try to hold a conversation, but more times than I not I find myself doing as you did, just walking away. Enough of this crap though.

    Keep on humblin'
  6. Thanks, man.

    I actually lost an uncle in the attack on Pentagon, but I try not to let my own personal pride and emotions prevent me from looking at the situation objectively (which sort of contradicts the claims of me being the one with the ego issues). I think the best way to honor the fallen are to not condone and/or engage in the very behavior that we're condemning. But I understand that that's not a popular opinion to have in a time where bloodlust is equated with justice, so I'm probably better off just keeping my thoughts to myself. Oh well.
  7. Hey man just wanted to tip my hat to you for your comments on the Osama Bin Laden thread. People get way to caught up in the patriotism mind trip that they don't realize many things. Good to see at least one sensible person.
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