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  1. Just droppin by to say I ain't forgotten Mixed Emotions are on Triple U in JBW, something will come there soon, haha.
  2. Its fine man don't worry about it
  3. I've been looking for you but couldn't find your name anywhere actually...I'd like to apologize if it seemed I was poppin' a shot at you with that review piece about your shot. Just an honest review of the main event title picture, and there's no denying you've lost a lot on ppv in the recent past. I reallyeally hope you don't think I'm that petty or who driven anyways, because I'm not, lol.
  4. It worked well with me
  5. So did you like ME's representation in the lumberjack match?

    I wanted to kinda set up for somethin possibly in the future too there.
  6. same here. Sent you a copy of the promo but now can't get to the Inbox
  7. I suddenly can't use or get to my inbox, I realized it when I went to reply...Happened that quick...Is it just me or you too?
  8. You're about to get somethin from me brotha.Got you penciled in perfectly to pick it up.
  9. Yea, I'd taken that into account, cuz surely you would have had a bit different reaction than "hey it's a movie", if it wasn't your first one. Good luck with all that and congrats brotha, gotta all start somewhere, IDK if you're gonna pursue that further, but if you do...all the best homes.
  10. I wasn't 42 was the only movie I was in
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