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  1. Awesome! Great having you in PWR bro.
  2. It will be the IWA version of Hawk with more aggressiveness
  3. Bro, wanted to check something with you. In regards to joining PWR- Will it be as Hawk or someone new? The reason I ask is because we are starting to plan the first show and the Fed will really kick on over the weekend into next week and we have no indication of who you will be choosing as a Bio's not be done. Message me back man!
  4. Done bro, sorry about that.
  5. clear your inbox man
  6. Hope the PM's were alright man.

    Also if there was anything you would of liked me too add or touch upon more then let me know.
  7. Thanks man.. glad you liked it bro.
  8. Already saw it, my internet is messed up, which is why I haven't been active. I am just using college's wifi during the daytime and phone to keep up with everything else. Great show by the way
  9. Check Raw bro! Hope you like the main event.
  10. I agree man, awesome idea and I look forward to the next one.
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