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  1. yeah I just saw it a bit ago. I'm in the middle of moving and haven't really had time to be on, review and IC much. Thanks a lot man and I'm just doing my best to keep the title prestige
  2. Did you see my Impact Review? Praised the hell out of you Just letting you know in case you haven't seen it.
  3. If it can be done tonight that'd be perfect, I want to get this show out before the final KZ goes up, then we have to get the ZG out and start work on the PPV.
  4. I will have it done very late night today or sometime tomorrow at the latest. Haven't had time to sit and write it
  5. Need an update on that last match of yours, please. The sooner it's in the sooner I can post the show. If you can't or haven't been able to do it let me asap to write that match myself.
  6. Tomorrow works.
  7. I should have one in by the end of the night my time and the other sometime tomorrow
  8. How are your ZG matches coming along?
  9. That's no problem at all.
  10. The singles match will be in in a bit, the tag match might be in by the end of the day or tomorrow at the latest.
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