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  1. No problem
  2. Thanks man!
  3. Shit, I accidentally deleted the Nitro promo you sent man! Could you re-send it please?
  4. Ahhh I see! Had no idea man!
  5. It's coming up today. I have been out on vacation the last week and just got back for college.
  6. Dude, what's the deal with that blog olympics thing? It's been a while now.
  7. Hey man, I'm sending you the blog now (finally!).

    It'll be in 5 separate PM's since it's too big for one PM of course!
  8. Great, thanks man!

  9. He's from Tokyo, Japan
  10. Hey man! I'm just doing some major updating work in our creative hub, could you link me your EWNCW theme for Mike Mayhem and also I need to know where he's billed from (city and state).
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