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  1. Hey man, are you putting up the prediction contest today?
  2. Even less after tonight's fiasco.
  3. Yeah, Dana doesn't have much love for the refs as it is.
  4. I'd say, St. Preux vs. Villante was seriously dodgy to say the least. I'm mean Villante clearly got poked in the eye and should have received time to recover as is the normal case. Kevin Mulhull waved the contest off awarding it to St. Preux. Daddy White isn't going to like that, and although this was Mulhall's first time being an official in the UFC, it just might be his last.
  5. Couple of dodgy decisions and outcomes so far tonight huh?
  6. The prediction contest has been posted and is ready. I was a little late posting it as I have had some issues with my computer for the last couple weeks.
  7. How's that prediction contest looking?
  8. Yeah, UFC 153 is on Saturday, I'm putting the contest up today.
  9. You gonna get a prediction contest going for this next card? Isn't it this weekend?
  10. Don't forget about the UFC 149 contest, the fight's tonight.
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