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  1. By now, they're nearly all up there my man, Vixxens, tag teams and all. Just a few bits missing on a few now, I hope that they'll all be 100% complete in a day/2 days at most
  2. Awesome man
  3. All bios for the singles male wrestlers of RTE are now in the roster section. I've started on the tag teams and Vixxens and hope to finish those off later
  4. Sounds good man
  5. CT said he will get it to me sometime tonight/tomorrow
  6. Batcave please sir!
  7. I'm there man!
  8. Can I talk to ya in the cave?
  9. Can i speak with you in the cave?
  10. As you can probably guess, you can ignore the first PM, the second one is the one you need to use!
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