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  1. Hey man, can you send an updated bio for Daymian Bloodstone? I'm checking the cave and that's one of the bios that isn't up to date in accordance to our new format.

    I need the follwing:

    Nicknames (if you have any):
    Wrestling style:
    Finishers (no more than 3):
    Signatures (no more than 6):
    Other general moves:
    Additional info/bio (if needed):
  2. Blank pm is blank.
  3. Cave please?
  4. Eh, I suppose lol!
    I probably won't be online as much as usual over the next couple of weeks though, Still daily, but not half as many hours!
  5. You being gone two days is the same as a normal user being gone two weeks lol
  6. Ummm, yeah? I've only been gone 2 days lol!
  7. You're alive!
  8. Can we meet in the cave?
  9. I can do one match for the next RTE show if you want. I'm on top of my Supershow stuff so I think I can spare an hour or so to do a match.
  10. Hey man, I posted the outline of the next show if you wanna take a look
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