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  1. Bruv, go to JabeBook for creative chat.
  2. Dude, JabeBook, PLEASE!!!
  3. Bruv, I will comment on the segment later on today. Promise.

    Apart from an issue with parts of it being done in past tense, its pretty darn great, bruv!
  4. Hey man thanx for the message about the second PPV, and I've got something to tide me over till then anyways.
  5. You now have six VM's and most of them are from me. The ones that aren't from me, I'm mentioned in.

  6. I've proposed a match for you to have on the second PPV... and you will mos deffo be on the 3rd one
  7. PS: I forgot to say that I like your idea, so that's why I wanted you to get back to me
  8. How's it going, bruv?
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