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  1. HAHA What a dick! That's why mine are only £15 dodgy knock offs!
  2. Yup! What a fucking idiot hahaha
  3. HAHA Were they proper legit £100+ ones too?
  4. Thought I'd let you know, my brothers beats broke yesterday... Never laughed so much in my entire life!
  5. Imagine there's no heaven
  6. "Once a smog, always a smog"

    Couldn't have put it any better myself! Think it's time Boro had a Di Canio dictatorship
  7. Unfotunately this lunar mission never quite got out of launch sequence... Shame God bless Moggga, once a smog, always a smog!! He's still a leg end!
  8. The reason Steve Gibson (chairman) sacked him (Tony Mowbray Middlesbrough Legend! Class of 86' Captain of the team that brought us back from the brink of liquidation! seriously, we were that FUCKED back then!) is because he didnt want to see another relegation scrap. Wether or not we will survive this season remains to be seen. You seriously think I could do a better job? LOL

    In 2007, Mowbray was placed at number 7 in a chronological list of Middlesbrough
    legends compiled by local newspaper the Evening Gazette. The Middlesbrough club fanzine Fly me to the Moon is named after a quote about Mowbray from ex-Middlesbrough manager Bruce Rioch – "If I had to fly to the moon I'd take Tony Mowbray, my captain, with me. He's a magnificent man"
    And you thought Moyes at Man utd was having a bad time of it? HAHAH!
  9. So what are the odds of you becoming the next Boro manager eh?
  10. You funny fucker
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