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  1. Eddie Hitler! Happy Birthday man! Have a good one mate.
  2. Cheers bud!
  3. Happy Birthday mate!
  4. There you go then..

    So by my assumption.. You are not a member of the "IWC" Well done and...

    You're Welcome!
  5. Nope, that was pretty much the only one on your shit-list
  6. I never see you openly complain though man..

    I said if you was a few of these.. are you any others?
  7. Well good! I hoped it would generate some discussion

    I stream PPV and still bitch. Does that make me IWC??
  8. Your thread is about to get busy man...
    I think I rustled some jimmies!
  9. SWEET!!!

    You're a top bloke too

    And we'll see about that SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!!

    because it looks like it's gonna be an England - Portugal quarter final

    ...are you scared? you should be
  10. Nah no problem bro, I like you man.. You're a top guy.

    Just remember... Ronaldo is god.
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