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  1. I've always been a heel having to put up with the Drive By IWC fools.
  2. Lol im curious now you said that does that mean since I've been gone you've turned into the ultimate heel on the EWN forums.. Oh that's sound chief! I guess the other accounts always a backup if ever needed lol
  3. Nice that someone thinks so. Good to hear chief.

    Nah I've defaulted back to original me.
  4. Aha what sins come on your a saint and everythings good do you still use your other account the mojo one or not?
  5. Sound mate, yeah I'm still here for my sins.

    How's tricks?
  6. Hows it going chief! I aint been on this for ages its good to see your still here lol
  7. No problem chiefy!
  8. Nice! cheers for the list chief
  9. Suspiria, Let the Right One In, The Grudge(Japanese Original), Rosemary's Baby, The Descent, High Tension, Audition, The Midnight Meat Train, The Hills Have Eyes!

    Should keep you going!
  10. Im really into the legit horrors, But il check out the trailer for Zombieland, who knows i might like it
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