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  1. N.p

    You make a good point there, it is just a number afterall but it still is kinda cool being amongst the top 10 posters, takes alot of post whoring though! (ive got along way to go)
  2. Cheers man!

    It's alright, not really arsed about post count! It's just a number!
  3. Ha! Welcome the new you! (formely known as Wade) You were doing so well on the top posters list too, i think you were 8th!
  4. Yeah, I'm not going to be using the old one! This is the new me!
  5. Oh cool, thats a nice name you have their btw Are you going to be using this account now and scrap the old one?
  6. Yup, the artist formerly known as Wade! just wanted a handle change!
  7. Thanks 4 the FR, judging by a few of the comments this is Wade right?
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