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  1. Fair enough mate.

    There looking good at the moment mind.. playing like a team.
  2. Suarez was there always for Ajax

    RVP isn't always there for the national team when we need him. He's improving though, I think he plays better when Sneijder isn't playing
  3. Then your sir... are an idiot. I knew that anyways.

    He has a good punch on him though to be fair.
  4. I prefer Suarez
  5. Van Persie > Suarez.

    That header was quality.
  6. Yeah.. it's worked so well too!

    I'm good man! Thanks for asking.

    Good win for Leeds today lol.
  7. at least we have a roof
    Can't complain, we won the game 3-0

    I'm fine how are you?
  8. Dutch man! How's things? Have Ajax fixed that roof yet?
  9. I don't really post anywhere else on here apart from the WWE Fed mate... I will try too be more active in there though if you guys are missing me!

    no mention of Spurs beating United?
  10. You're not gonna post in the footy thread any more?
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