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  1. Been very busy actually, with almost no time to be around. And my Laptot got fucked up, the Hard Driver died, Im screwd
  2. Everyday I'm logging in i'm hoping there's a new RTB...
    Nah just kidding

    Are you busy or something? or you just don't want te be here anymore?

    catch ya later
  3. I almost thought that you were dead man how are you ?
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Lol
  5. lol @your sig
  6. Welcome back, I guess Yeah, Ive been out for a while. As for RTB, well its over. The show is kinda long. But Im planning on bring a new one, a little shorter, soon Stay tuned...
  7. I'm back. Saw you post some stuff recently but you aren't that much online. Are you planning on bring back RTB or did you just quit it?

    and the best wishes for 2012 ofcourse
  8. That's the problem, nothing is happening Im having some problems with my laptop and computers in general, but I might ring the bell next wednesday, or thursday
  9. what happened with RTB??
  10. Deal! I'll keep you posted maybe, tomorrow
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