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  1. Yeah to be honest I've been looking for a decent football forum, so I'll scope it out and give it a go!
  2. Okay then, you're going to join that site what Magglis send ya?
  3. You get more in depth reporting on all the league and cup competitions for all the countries and leagues, it just makes the game really s-l-o-w!!
  4. What's the point of selecting those countries then?
  5. Nah I only select the nation I'm going to manage in, you still see all the main competitions and you can still switch to clubs in different countries or manage any national team later!
  6. Did you select all 51 competitions in FM?
  7. Mixture of an old nickname and some old mythology!

    Call me Wade if you want!
  8. Ok, what's with the name?? I still call you Wade
  9. Wanted a name change!
  10. Wade?????!!!!!! Why a new account?
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