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  1. Hey man. When you get a chance, could you get me King's finisher/finishers and also at least 4 signature moves (more if you wish).
    Just realized I don't have those in the cave for ya!
  2. Well I have down time here right now
  3. No worries man, I forgot that you were at work! Didn't want to bother you!
  4. I am on my phone but send me the link I'll try
  5. You're not able to come to the cave to help with Rage by any chance, are you?
  6. Hey man.
    I need an update on how many shows, and which shows you've archived so far please.
  7. Day late dude but better late than never thank you. I had one last night I'll be sure to pencil one in for you
  8. Happy birthday sir!!
    Have a good one, and have a beer on me!!
  9. Thanks for those man!
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