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  1. you have a minute to talk in the cave?
  2. got a sec for the cave?
  3. im in the cave if you are bored chap
  4. Got e'm, thanks man!
  5. Hey man, since you're done with your Inferno stuff, you can go ahead and start writing matches for BfC. I'd like the show out before the end of the weekend, so go ahead and start writing those asap please. Me and Rilla are working our way through Rage's matches, and are actually not far off being done.
  6. perfectly fine, you were suppose to finish anyway
  7. I've actually just wrapped the promo up and sent it on to Krysys if that's ok with you. If you feel that King should say some more though then we can go again if you want.
  8. foods good, i like food
  9. Ok man, just having food and then I'll get to writing reply
  10. my part is coming to you
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