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  1. Okay dude. I should have the Nitro promos to you tonight or tomorrow.
  2. KZ promo will be with you tomorrow *well today now* morning. I was going to complete it tonight, but I had homework to do.
  3. Head to HQ when you can please dude? Posted a question in the roster section.
  4. Replied But I said that it looks fine.
  5. On my way!
  6. Dude, could you pop to HQ quickly to check everything. I'll send the first and last now, and'll send the rest if everything is okay
  7. I'll have my finished promo to you tomorrow mate!
  8. Looks all fine to me dude! Go with it!
  9. I'll check now.
  10. Provisional Nitro card up. I had spare time, so I've got a rough card for next week as well
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