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  1. Inbox needs clearing again, brother!

    I've got multiple promos assignments for you .
  2. Cleared dude
  3. Inbox needs clearing.
  4. Cheers buddy.
  5. Done, sorry for the delay.
  6. Buddy, I need you to pick somebody for Oscar this week ASAP. Send Ash who it'll be too as she's writing your match.
  7. Got my promo in HQ dude.
  8. My internet has gone down bro. I've done the lita promo and it should be back today, at which point it'll be up in hq. Sorry for the wait bro! The other promo is already in hq.
  9. Okay dude. I should have the Nitro promos to you tonight or tomorrow.
  10. KZ promo will be with you tomorrow *well today now* morning. I was going to complete it tonight, but I had homework to do.
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