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  1. Haha yeah it was fun.

    Difficult at times but fun all the same.
  2. Lol just one of those "little small details", haha.

    Yea it was swell and those types o' bastards can be tough to write, I've written ten man tag, 8 man, pary of a thirty, but never the full.
  3. Okay dude, no worries.

    Glad you enjoyed the show.
  4. How's it going brotha, was a great freegin show with some nice surprises, one quick thing though...The Ghost HAS to stop smiling! Lol, this is a man that should have never smiled again as long as he lived. More, pissed with himself beyond belief and let down, "If I can't beat the Undertaker, my career IS over", just stone faced determination, then sadistic happy to inflict pain Kane, haha.

    Maybe not the best comparison , but quickest I could think of, lol.
  5. Got it dude.
  6. Finalized version sent.
  7. Also very true, it was like ol Torphy said "with redemption, will he still keep the edge?", Basically to paraphrase; and now, there's a very clear cut reason for doing what he's done acting in that's almost like a real world problem type thing, just ate up with emotion, now it's time to force a change. No more of old ways "fuck you just because I like doing this sort of thing", haha.
  8. I agree, it's something that gives Doom more than just 'a monster'. We need more of that to make realistic and compelling characters.
  9. Agreed, I at times honestly miss the monster, but in overview, it's produced nothing but positive reactions and I've always heard from interviews , in wrestling, sometimes you just gotta know when to reinvent yourself. It was def for the best I'd say.
  10. I definitely feel this change will be good for you.
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