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  1. Missing two promos from you dude for FT.
  2. How are those matches coming along?
  3. Sure did yo. Will begin shortly
  4. Did you get that assignment bud?
  5. Also, could you PM me with the results of my match assignments? I lost that PM as well... my apologies - I can have those done tomorrow afternoon when I'm off the job - if not sooner - and in the cave.
  6. Hey guy - doing my part of the Rev promo now... what bullet points did you want them to cover again?
  7. Thank you! I want to be around even when on the job... now for the most part, I am
  8. That's awesome man!
  9. I got myself a Next book tablet. Nothing expensive, mainly something that I can take with me and be online even away from home
  10. Missing a match for Uprising from you bud.
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