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  1. Any chance of those promos bro?
  2. Bro- no worries man! That's fine by me- and you'll see a change from the next Anarchy mate.
  3. Hey mate, I'm going to be really knitpicky here, but I'm just saying that Rage's finisher is the Rage Bomb, not the Batista Bomb. It's a Fisherman's Powerbomb, rather than a sitout version

    It's my fault. I forgot to change it on the roster thread. It's always been a Fisherman's Powerbomb, but in HWA when I joined we were planning to be on WWE 13, and the Fisherman's Powerbomb isn't on there, so I went with a Batista Bomb instead.

    Sorry for being a pedant
  4. I'm better

    I've cleared my inbox, and I'll get to work on that Rage promo now
  5. Sorry mate, Im ill at the moment (this is from my phone) but hopefully Ill be better tommorow so I can do it then
  6. Bro, you need to clear your inbox

    But to sum up what I was gonna say: you don't need to do a Best of British promo this week, so just get me the Rage one!
  7. How's that character coming along mate?
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