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  1. Haha, he does the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, rates every match out of 5 stars- very very very rare for a match to get 5 stars. Punk-Cena I got it, the first time in the US since the Daniels-Styles-Joe match in 2005, and the first time in WWE/F since 1997 I believe.
  2. Who is Dave Meltzer? xD Excuse the ognorance I'm still learning a bit everyday.

    Very happy to hear that.
  3. Haha, still a business idea though You could be like Dave Meltzer- only actually knowing what you're talking about!

    And haha! Good to hear! Wrestlemania Rewind Raw could be up in the next 24 hours!
  4. Lol there's no value in charging for them, I wouldn't enjoy it xD

    You were indeed my first review ever here lol and the one I'm most loyal to
  5. Just seen your sig mate haha- you'll be charging for those reviews next

    Don't forget where it all started though (I think)!
  6. Haha, one day difference man, that is pretty crazy!
  7. I just noticed we joined right around the same time lol thats cuckoo huh?
  8. Haha thanks mate I appreciate it.
  9. Congrats on becoming a God mate
  10. Haha, like I said mate, I don't go on these profiles often
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