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    Great debut bro
  2. Dont read that last pm! Spoilers!
  3. Sure thing bro
  4. Okay bro I'll do it tomorrow since I'm pretty drunk and may be a bit biased in my review right now :')
  5. Do Raw, if you'd like I should finish your Smackdown sometime today and then review his Superstars tomorrow.
  6. Bro, Rya told me you said you'd do one review of his shows, while I do the other?

    Which show do you wanna review?
  7. Yeah, you're right
  8. Haha, no you dontttt
  9. -______- I hate you.....
  10. Haha, that's what I like to hear

    And, you know how I said I'd post Superstars tonight? Well I kinda wrote Smackdown too, just gotta finish it... but like I said, no rush on the reviews! Money in the Bank probably won't be up until Monday at the earliest anyway! Sorry to add to your workload bro!
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