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  1. Hahaha once I find a better one, maybe you can take this one for yourself. I'm picky though so it might a while before I change it.
  2. This is not acceptable.
  3. Hahaha its only staying till I find a better one featuring Punk

    Sorry, got excited.

    Probably my favourite backstage segment of 2012 so far. Jericho = gold on his own. Bryan = gold on his own. Throw the two of them together and we have platinum!
  5. Done, bro. Like I said, if you need me, please feel free to PM me whenever
  6. Bro, when you get on, have a quick look at my thread and give me your thoughts on what I'm talking about doing mate? It's an issue I've been thinking about for a few weeks.
  7. Of course you do haha
  8. I read them
  9. It was awesome bro
  10. Haha thanks mate Kash said the waiting was over so I'm proud of my work and so was Kash from what he told me so that made me really happy Glad you enjoyed it.
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