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  1. I'll have a look now bro
  2. All right feedback on the thread made is up when you get the chance to see it
  3. Be right there
  4. Head to the WT for me please bro?
  5. It's to send you the Tag Team promo in one go rather than in parts t post in HQ. Guess there's no way around, I'll send to THBK in parts.
  6. FB is playing up over here bro. PM me on here?
  7. Need you to go to FB real quick, if you can.
  8. Just made a statement on the Punk issue in the WWE discussion thread mate.
  9. I wish I could fit everything I liked in my sig hahah I see what you mean about HWA and I know I love it too
  10. Haha, nah it wouldn't fit in my sig! Since we no longer have Broc on here, somebody has to show off the amazing work of EHC!

    But no, I'm only joking anyway dude! I was just letting you know, i love it!
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