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  1. Awesomesauce. Looking to seeing it and the rest of the show soon.
  2. I do have everything buddy
  3. Which part? I started the promo, sent to Des, he repied, so if Krysys has not replied to Des' part and Des answered to that part, I can't finish with my last part. So where are we stuck at?
  4. Missing the NM/DG segment buddy.
  5. Bro, been out of action for the entirety of Tuesday thanks to a rough house party on Monday but I'm back now and I've just sent on HW's Brutality promo to our partner. Just giving you an update.
  6. Haha fuck yeah. Cheers bro.

  7. I got you the best cake ever. Only the best for my brother from another mother. Happy 21, mate. Hope you enjoy your day
  8. Merry Christmas to you as well. Hope you've enjoyed the holidays and haven't caused any permanent damage to that liver of yours haha
  9. Merry Christmas bro!
  10. Hey bro, can you send me your Paige promo for Nitro please?
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