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  1. will do man, I think I have it for now but if I need anything I'll get a PM to you
  2. Ahh I'll leave that up to you mate, I'm not the writer at the end of the day.

    I'm sure you'll put in a great show!

    If you do need any help, either PM me or post on the other board
  3. completely fine man, as far as Dynasty goes I'm working on it right now if you have anything you wanna throw in that you think can work feel free to tell me
  4. I can't see it happening atm mate.

    Gonna stay helping with creative at the moment. We have a decent enough size roster to be fine with right now.

    Plus, I kinda gave my word a while back to BWA that if I were to join an efed as a character, that would be the one. Obviously, if I were to join HWA, I'd have to join BWA too because I'm a guy of my word, and with uni work and what not, I can't really swing it. When I have more time, I'll look into it more.

    How's Dynasty coming along?
  5. you gonna make an HWA character anytime soon dude?
  6. hey man it be great, I just thought it would be great for to have you there but that's up to you
  7. I got a pretty busy week at the moment mate, we could talk about it next week properly if thats okay?
  8. hey well maybe in the mean time while we aren't looking for creative maybe you could join HWA as a superstar?
  9. Awesome man
  10. ya man I understand it happens I just wish it didn't I guess

    and I'll go check that show out at some point in the next 2 days but I'll be sure to leave my comments after I give it a read
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