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  1. It's okay, I'm still waiting on four guys- including you haha!
  2. Just so you know. Not forgotten the HoF thing. But I'll have to do it tomorrow if that's okay :3
  3. Sorry for leaving it this late. I hope the promo is at least decent ;_;
  4. Hey man, how's the Rage promo going?
  5. Thanks man

    Means a lot :3 lol
  6. Great job on the promo dude!
  7. No worries, real life always comes first
  8. Aye I've just done it. Sorry for delaying our promo bro
    I can't tell you how busy I've been in the past few days man. We'll IC soon man @_@
  9. Hey bro, did you get the promo for KZ? I know the other guys did their bits but if not, I can forward them both to you
  10. Awesome man Just have to see when we're both next on and sort it from there.
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