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  1. No, he didn't. I'm seeing that SB may not have sent everything out... check with SG to make sure.
  2. Hey man, has SG sent you anything for our promo?
  3. Yeah. Damn fine promo writer. I have his first vignette for WARFare and man, it's definitely top notch. I like his style of writing.
  4. Arthur Lansdale was the champion so I guess it would be retired now. Yeah Hawk is the current TV Champion- doing a hell of a job too.
  5. Thanks a bunch dude. No one has laid claim to that Championship so I guess its retired. Also, Hawk is the current TV Champ right? He never outright said it but has implied it.
  6. Just to let you know in the JBW Warfare Show Thread, you're missing the JBW Underground Championship from the either retired championships or the current championships.

    Thanks for the shoutout on there too.
  7. The first SBW show went up, tell me what you think of it.
  8. Where are you when I need you? LOL! :P
  9. Haha, sorry- done it now dude!
  10. I PINNED THEM!! Count it!!
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