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  1. I've got the bit where you end the promo, but I'm missing the bit where you come between Darren Bull and Reiko.
  2. I'm sure I sent you one buddy but I'll do it now anyway.
  3. Hey man, can you send your first part of the big promo you did for Rage? I've just realized that I don't have it since nobody sent it forward to me.
    In future I'll ask for everyone involved in a multi-man promo to send a copy to me as well as the next guy in the promo to avoid this!
  4. Any update on the KZ promo dude?
  5. No worries dude. I doubt all promos will be in on Sunday anyway.
  6. Hey man, not going to be able to do that promo for JBW until Monday I'm afraid. Sorry about that.
  7. Thanks man!
  8. Happy birthday Eduardo! Have a good one man!
  9. Lol! Ok, I'll get it to you later man!
  10. That's fine man, do it yourself- you're a creative guy, I'm sure you can handle an interview
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