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  1. Okay bud.

    I'll also set GG a deadline of tonight to get back to me as we know the jist anyway so I'll get cracking if not. Wanna make this a special one.
  2. Cool, I'll send both a message on facebook too!
    If you don't hear back from TTC by tomorrow night, then perhaps think about doing your part yourself.
  3. Still waiting on GG. I'll VM her along with TTC now actually.
  4. Cool man!
    What's the news on the Raw promo?
  5. I'm still waiting on TTC before I do my part of the promo for Rage dude. As soon as I get it, it will be in.
  6. No worries buddy!

    I'll wait.
  7. Ah, I've literally just posted in the discussion thread that I'm carrying on now xD

    Thanks for asking though man, much appreciated!
  8. Hey man,

    was just wondering how long you're going to be, roughly, before you continue posting.

    I have the next IWA show ready to be posted but I don't want to post while you post too- out of both respect and overkill- and was seeing if I have enough time to post while you eat and have a cuppa haha! If not, I'm happy to wait until the show is finished posting.
  9. Yeah man, that's fine. Looking forward to it.
  10. I'll think of a new assignment. I probably won't send it until tomorrow though since I stil haven't thought exactly what to change it to, and I'm heading out in about 45 minutes to go to a gig with my band, so I'm getting ready for that at the minute.
    Is it ok for me to send it tomorrow?
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