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  1. As you see on the card, Juarez vs Darius is opening the ppv, so there won't be scope to fit a Juarez promo in, if you want to do one for Kyojin though, then you can ask bear
  2. Thanks man, and don't worry, I plan on doing so!
  3. Happy birthday man! Hope you have a good one, and remember to go crazy this weekend
  4. I need that thing done entirely by next weekend please bud.
  5. Glad you enjoyed it.

    No worries bud! Had great fun with that.
  6. Excellent work man, thanks a lot for helping!
  7. Batcave access reinstated, meet me in the chatbox!

    Here's the link in case you need it!
  8. Yeah that's perfect mate.
  9. Hey man, if you have Rhodes sign the contract after that bit from Eve, then I'll sign and write one last bit to end the promo? Both of us would have gone twice then, if that's cool with you?
  10. Sounds good to me man! Let's hope we can make it one for the books!
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